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Quick Courses: Online Learning

Discover new learning options below which cover specific aspects of how to use CAN. These Quick Courses are designed to reinforce core concepts for users who have already completed the online training. Visit for complete schedule of training sessions. Look for more of these videos to be developed in the future.

Deactivated Events (05/06/2015)

The following Associated Disasters have shown no client activity for Open cases for more than 90 days and were deactivated. If an agency requires access to these client records for case management purposes, its POC should contact to request reactivation of an event. After 90 days from deactivation date the associated client data may be archived and unavailable directly from CAN.

Point of Contact Roles and Responsibilities

Each agency must designate one Point of Contact (POC) to provide essential duties to support its activities in CAN. An Alternate POC may also be designated on the Agency Registration form. This position is key to the success of an agency to facilitate seamless collaborative disaster recovery.

Specifically, the Point of Contact is responsible for:

User Guides

With these updated user manuals for the Client Registry, Resource Directory, and Export Wizard, you can get started with the CAN tools and have a ready reference for completing common tasks.

Note: all manuals are saved as Adobe PDFs to reduce file size and improve printing. A free version of the Adobe Reader is available for download.