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Best Practices: Managing FastTrack Lists

FastTrack lists are shared across agency users to provide a common list of resources grouped for quick access or to help standardize agency reports. By organizing these lists case managers will find common resources more quickly and agencies will be able to create more effective resource reports.

This simple feature is a powerful way to organize common resources, but does require some planning within each agency.

  • Develop a plan to create and use of FastTrack lists in your agency
  • Identify criteria for selecting services
  • Organize resources in categories with meaningful names
  • Establish procedures to create, use, edit, and delete lists

Whether your agency has a few users at a single location, or it is a large agency in multiple geographic locations, there are different approaches which may help plan to use this feature. Without a coordinated effort to identify and groups a single set of resources, each case manager may be recording resources differently—which will make it more challenging to accurate capture how those resources were utilized.

To help any agency begin to think about how they use FastTrack lists, three generic plans are included in this document. Download the PDF attachement at the bottom of this page to see which one fits best for your agency.

  • Small agency (less than 10 users, single region)
  • Medium agency  (10-30 users, multiple regions)
  • Large agency (more than 30 users, multiple regions or programs)

FastTrack Lists Tips

FastTrack lists help users to quickly record Referrals and Services Provided on a client record. This feature of the Client Registry allows users at a single agency (based on Agency ID) to create, view, or edit Fast Tacks shared lists.

  • Lists are automatically shared within an agency, and should never be shared with all agencies in the FastTrack Service List Manager (MyTools)
  • FastTrack lists for Referrals and Services Provided are managed separately, but work in exactly the same way.
  • Lists are populated by Service Profiles in the Resource Database created by any agency. For more information, please see the Client Registry user guide.

Putting Reports Together 

FastTrack lists help to standardize Referrals and Services Provided within an agency to enable more effective reporting. With a little coordination, agencies will be able to use Export Wizard to report on all Referrals and Services Provided. When the Referrals or Services Provided are recorded in a uniform fashion it will allow for the reports to identify how resources are being utilized in that community.

Services Provided Report

Below is a simple recipe for generating a list of an agency’s resources (including those not recorded with a FastTrack list). After you download the export, open with Excel and use the Pivot Table Wizard tool to group results by Agency Count, Service ID and Service Name/Assistance type.








Client ID




Case Management 

Affiliated Agency ID for current case manager


[contains] agency ID


Services Provided

Agency Name





Service ID




Service Name / Assistance Type




Date Provided


[And] [on or after] select a date 3-6 months ago.


Extended Learning: Excel
To learn how to use Pivot Tables in Excel, please contact your agency technology support or view the Microsoft Excel help document:

Pivot Table Reports 101


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