American Red Cross

Red Cross Client Data in CAN

Client data collected in the response phase by American Red Cross is made available to the recovery communities using CAN via nightly data feeds for certain events. Whenever there is a Red Cross Level-3 or higher disaster (typically, significant populations requiring assistance), a data feed from the Client Assistance System (CAS) is initiated to support recovery communities working in CAN.

What Is Included In the CAS to CAN feed?

For each client record, more than 70 data fields are imported into CAN describing the client, what assistance they received and an initial damage assessment. Data that describes the client includes:

  • Name
  • Pre-disaster address (except county)
  • Age
  • Assistance Provided (includes referrals) 
  • Financial Assistance
  • Household Structure

Initial Damage Assessment

The following Initial Damage Assessment is made available:

  • Pre-Disaster Ownership
  • Pre-Disaster Dwelling (Type)
  • Number of Floors
  • Damage (Category dropdown)
  • Damage: Other (Text area)

How Are Records Released to CAN?

This data exchange requires that the client agrees to share their information with non-governmental third parties and that Client Casework has additionally secured a signed Release of Information. For the client’s data to be made available to CAN the following criteria must be met:

  • 'Release to other agencies' checkbox is marked (Narrative & Release screen)
  • 'Receive from other agencies' checkbox is marked (Narrative & Release screen)
  • At least one case note or documented service

Note: If all three conditions are not met, no client data will not be available in CAN.