American Red Cross

Importing Client Data with the Disaster Needs Database

Importing client data collected in the field by community-based agencies helps to better transition a community's recovery effort by rapidly importing any client data via a spreadsheet template or XML file. Leveraging this capacity, and CAN's ongoing partnership with Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC) and its Disaster Needs Database (DND), several of CAN's Participating Agencies are coordinating client data imports.

This partnership allows agencies already using DND to quickly export client data which adheres to CAN's data import standard. Agencies using DND should consult the user manual for step-by-step instructions on this process. Several of CAN's agencies have been working to import field-collected data via this database. For example, Wake Interfaith Disaster Team successfully migrated client data for the April 16 tornadoes in Wake County, NC.

Using Imported Client Data in CAN

Once the client records are available in the Client Registry, they are searchable and editable just as any other record created in CAN—and may be exported via Export Wizard.  If a client record already exists in CAN (and can be verified as a match) any data in the spreadsheet (such as Services Provided) will be added to the existing client record.