American Red Cross

Point of Contact Roles and Responsibilities

Each agency must designate one Point of Contact (POC) to provide essential duties to support its activities in CAN. An Alternate POC may also be designated on the Agency Registration form. This position is key to the success of an agency to facilitate seamless collaborative disaster recovery.

Specifically, the Point of Contact is responsible for:

  • Notifying agency users of CAN activities such as User Group Calls, meetings, trainings, system enhancements/updates, system maintenance and monthly updates. Please share such information with your agency's assigned users of CAN. 
  • Authorizing all agency users designated to receive CAN access, including co-signing and reviewing Confidentiality Agreements for each user as well as helping the users complete the online registration to obtain a username and password.
  • Notifying CAN support immediately when users need access to CAN removed to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the CAN system, its users and each agency's disaster clients. 
  • Coordinating agency activities with external partners for planning purposes
  • Participating in monthly User Group calls (second Thursday of each month at 3pm EST)
  • Oversee case transfers and assignment of clients to the agency's caseload.
  • Facilitating participation in CAN training for all agency staff. Make sure users understand how to access the training and the importance of the training to successfully using CAN.
  • Designating at least one of the agency's users to run reports. For reports training, CAN requires an e-mail from the POC authorize the user's participation prior to the training
  • Managing your agency’s resources in the Resource Database or assigning that duty to someone at your agency.