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Client Registry: Services Provided Updates

As a part of a small package of maintenance updates, the Services Provided function was recently improved to allow users to:

  • More clearly view selected services
  • Add an unlimited number of Services Provided (previous limit of 5)
  • Add an unlimited number of FastTrack Services Provided
  • Access the Services Provided History quickly

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The “Add New Service” Button

Users may now quickly add new Services Provided by selecting the Add New Service button to locate a service. Previously, 5 blank service searches were displayed and a user would perform a search and add each to the client record. The new process allows users to add multiple services before hitting Submit to save to the client record.

Add New Services Button

Entering Services Provided

While the form itself looks a little different, the steps to enter Services Provided remain largely the same.

  1. To enter a service provided by an agency or service, select Add New Service.
  2. Enter a Keyword and select Search.
  3. From the list of results select the matching profile for the service provided to the client by clicking on Select. The search results popup will close and the name of the agency and service will appear.

Viewing the Entered Service Data

Once an item is selected it displays in order of selection on the Services Provided block until the client record is saved. Once the record is saved, the data is stored in the Services Provided History for quick onscreen access.

Removing Services Provided

Before a client record is saved, items may be removed by selecting the red ‘X’ on the right hand side. However, once a client record is saved a listed item will be a part of the client record.


Changing the Unit, Quantity, Unit Cost & Date Provided

As before, once a service is selected, the Unit, Quantity, Unit Cost and date provided may be adjusted as necessary. To change the date, select the calendar icon to right of the date field, and then locate and select appropriate date. Then, the calendar widget automatically closes and the new date is displayed on the form.

Quick Access to History

The Services Provided History now provides quick access to see all saved items in chronological order from newest to oldest. Once opened, this may also be closed by clicking on the Services Provided History link again.

Previously, this information was only stored in the Contact History Link at the top of the client record, but may still be accessed there along with other Contact History items such as Case Notes.

TechTip: Quick Onscreen Copy

The onscreen history table data may also be copied and pasted into a word processing program of your choice. To capture the table formatting (rows and columns), simply include the “Services Provided History [+/-]” in the selected text from within the browser.

Entering New FastTracks Services Provided

Selecting FastTracks Services Provided from the FastTracks popup is very similar, but now multiple items may be selected from the Quick Pick list. Selected items will display on the popup window to provide a record of items selected.

No Impact on Reporting or Exports

While the way Services Provided are entered has changed, how the data is stored in the system and included in data export remains the same. Any changes to the way the Services Provided data is stored in the system should be reported to Technical Support via the Support Request Form: