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User Profile Updates: More Control Over Your Account

Registered Users are now able to reset their Security Question, resend a verification email or reset their password. These features provide users with more control of their accounts without contacting Technical Support. To use these new features:

  1. Login and navigate to the User Profile [top menu].

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to the Security Information area [See below].

  3. Select on of the three buttons as needed.

How to use new features

The Security Question is a new component of the User Profile and provides another layer of security when responding to specific account access requests. Users may now select a new Security Question by simply selecting that option and following all of the onscreen instructions.

All existing, as well as updated, email addresses must be verified. This verification process is initiated whenever verification email immediately.

While password resets have always been available when a login fails or from the "Registration, Login, and Password Help" link on the right hand menu of most CAN Recovery Tools pages, this feature allows users to change it at anytime without contact Technical Support. Users will need to know the answer to their Security Question to complete the password reset process.