American Red Cross

Deactivated CAN Events

For an Associated Disaster where client activity never materialized and there has been no identified community need, those events are removed if:

  • Zero Total Clients
  • Inactive for than 90 days after event

As of September 2012, the following Associated Disasters have shown no activity for 90 days and will be deactivated.

  • WV Tornadoes and Storms (03/2012)
  • WV Storms and Flooding (03/2012)
  • TN Tornadoes and Storms (03/2012)
  • TX Floods (04/2012)
  • HI Severe Storms, Flooding, And Landslides (03/2012)
  • OR Severe Winter Storm/Flooding (01/2012)
  • WA Severe Winter Storm/Flooding (01/2012)