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Common Forms

Common forms provide you with reproducable documents to help ramp up your activities.

User Guides

With these updated user manuals for the Client Registry, Resource Directory, and Export Wizard, you can get started with the CAN tools and have a ready reference for completing common tasks.

Note: all manuals are saved as Adobe PDFs to reduce file size and improve printing. A free version of the Adobe Reader is available for download.

American Red Cross Client Assistance System (CAS) Feed

The American Red Cross's partnership in the Coordinated Assistance Network ensures client information collected in response to major disasters is available to participating organizations in CAN.  The American Red Cross is able to share client data when a disaster event is raised internally to a Disaster Response Operation (level 3 and higher). Only those clients who have provided a release to share with other organizations are included in the client data sent to CAN.

Region IX Resources

Region IX


Region VIII Resources

Region VIII


Region VII Resources

Region VII


This report represents only a subset of the overall data in the system. The report results are limited by the criteria selected when the report was created.

Region VI Resources

Region VI


Region V Resources

Region V


Region IV Resources

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