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Point of Contact Roles and Responsibilities

Each agency must designate one Point of Contact (POC) to provide essential duties to support its activities in CAN. An Alternate POC may also be designated on the Agency Registration form. This position is key to the success of an agency to facilitate seamless collaborative disaster recovery.

Specifically, the Point of Contact is responsible for:

Importing Field-based Client Data

Agencies wanting to bulk import client data collected in the field may now utilize the Disaster Client Data Standard (DCDS) to make client data available in CAN. DCDS uses a simple spreadsheet allowing for collection of field data—possibly from multiple regions or disasters.
The process is simple:

Resource Helper Tool

Managing large amounts of resource data has always been a challenge—especially during the response phase where updating resources in the field is challenging. The Resource Helper Tool uses a specially-formatted Excel spreadsheet to ensure that users include the correct fields and proper data formats without directly inputting data into the Web-based forms.

6.1 Using the Resource Helper Tool

All active users have access to the tools to:

User Guides

With these updated user manuals for the Client Registry, Resource Directory, and Export Wizard, you can get started with the CAN tools and have a ready reference for completing common tasks.

Note: all manuals are saved as Adobe PDFs to reduce file size and improve printing. A free version of the Adobe Reader is available for download.

CAN Community of Practice

The CAN Community of Practice

(formerly CAN Liaison Network)